Internet of Things


Take advantage of connected intelligence for greater efficiency, insights and innovation.

    Fleet management with weather analytics

    Track each vehicle’s location, speed, deviation, idling, and more, and improve safety and routing with highly localized, predictive weather and road condition data.

    Asset tracking

    Whether your assets are indoors, outdoors, stationary, or in transit, gather real time data about them—including temperature, humidity, altitude, pressure, shock, and tilt—with tamper-resistant sensors that provide you with insightful analytics accessible from any internet enabled device.

    Smart cities

    Monitor and communicate road conditions, such as rainfall, wind speed and visibility, in real time; scan streets and parking lots to automatically identify and cite illegally parked vehicles; control streetlight activation based on traffic volume to save energy; and automatically monitor waste bin levels for more efficient garbage truck pickup.

    Leading-edge hardware

    IoT modules are certified and competitively priced, and you can take advantage of managed services, including device management, site surveys and site health assessments.

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