Fibre optic internet offers optimal speed, security and support.​

    24/7 DDoS Protection

    Get peace of mind with enhanced security, and ensure that your company information stays safe.

    Symmetrical Speeds

    Easily transfer large files with upload speeds that match your download speeds. Speeds up to and beyond 10 Gbps.

    Reliable Uptime

    Enjoy a consistent connection on our multi-path national fibre network. Get the speeds that you pay for.

    Worry-free Connection and Support

    Rely on service level guarantees and 24/7 service support. All backed by a network that offers built-in redundancy and virtually continuous uptime.


    Fibre internet provides virtually unlimited capacity. Regardless of how much data you’re processing and whether you’re sending or receiving it, your experience will be the same every time.


    With excess capacity at the ready, you have the flexibility to scale up or scale out - all from your existing connection.

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